What is Preschool? ~プリスクールとは~

What is Preschool

″Pre“ in the sense that something is ”previous“. We refer to the style of preschool in the United States(1 to 6 years of age). Generally, preschool school is designed to prepare children for kindergarten and the early stages of their industry life. 


What is defference Preschool and English Language School~英会話スクールとの違い~

English School’s goal is to learn English as a language, but also learn a great deal other than language while studying in an English pre-school. Without having to set up as a “study” to English, students will be able to learn English naturally with the English environment.


Why English Phonics is important~Phonicsの習得がどうして大切か~

Using phonics in our teaching method shows the relationship between English spelling and pronunciation. We teach children the relationship of the letters of their ABC’s and the individual pronunciation. Our goal is to teach the basics of phonics until preschool graduation.